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Consumers use voice search for faster and easier access to websites and businesses that offer the products or services they need.
This ease of access using voice command increases traffic to website landing pages where businesses can provide targeted information to prospective customers and is a more convenient alternative to a web search.

Voice search recognizes a User’s voice and enables you to ask Google or Alexa to take action without unlocking your device.

Technology that enables a User to direct a smart device to answer questions or fulfill commands.

The use of voice recognition technology which allows users to perform searches by simply speaking into a smart device.

Currently Google scores highest in answering questions. has proprietary strategies to optimize content for Voice Search which includes regular monthly reports.

We will include recommendations initially and in your monthly SEO report.

If your computer has a microphone and it’s turned on, you can have Voice Search on your computer.

Any electronic device that allows users to speak a question or request, rather than type.


The popularity of voice search is growing quickly making businesses more visible to prospective customers than their competition.

Voice Search marketing focuses on tactics and strategies designed for reaching audiences who are using smart speaker devices to make purchasing decisions.

The consensus is VR in everything. Keyboards and similar control panels will slowly be phased out of all devices as they gain the ability to simply listen to our commands.

The voice used is computer generated syntax provided by the platform designer.

Around 3.25 billion people worldwide currently use voice-activated search and assistants. Reports predict that the number could hit 5 billion in 2021.

Google Assistant uses Google and Alexa uses Bing

Around 75% of voice search results will rank in the top three positions in search engine results pages.

Go to the settings on your device and activate your microphone.

Speech recognition software uses natural language processing and deep learning neural networks.

The reliability of Google Assistant is over 90%, Siri at 88% and Alexa at 87%.

In 2020, more than 3 billion voice assistants searches were performed daily and is expected to hit 5 billion daily by 2023.

Every business can benefit from voice search as this technology makes it easier for existing and prospective customers to find you.

Voice search and typed search are similar and can be used to find products/services offered, location, website and other information pertinent to your business.

Voice search is virtually limitless, can be tailored to your business and is always learning.

Any business, service or organization wanting to gain visibility can benefit from voice search.

Registered businesses in a specific geographic area are included and the information provided by the business is available to the use

It’s estimated less than 1/3 of all businesses are registered on the voice search platforms missing an opportunity to showcase their business and increase sales.

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It’s the users ability to define the geographic size and area they want to target in the search for customers.

Yes, as a client we can offer you a comprehensive report on your competition, such as ranking, key words, back-links and much more actionable data for you to adjust your online marketing strategy for the best results. We can offer you this competitor report for a onetime preparation charge of $59.95.

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